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Korero Online is not just for people enrolled in the Korero Maori Programme - if you’re interested in learning to speak Maori there are heaps of things you can do here.

From absolute beginner to near fluent speaker

Dynamic learning process Work through a semi-structured learning program featuring a range of exercise types.

Online language communities Build a network of other language learners and fluent speakers.

Realtime progress monitoring Watch as your vocabulary grows and your language skills improve.

Social Learning Chat and work with other learners online in real time.

  • Te Kākano

    Te Kākano

    This level concentrates on the language needed for everyday situations, such as meeting people, having meals, going shopping, making arrangements, telephone conversations and going to a hui. Maps help locate the main tribal areas and the Māori names of important places, regions and mountains.

    15 Chapters 184 exercises 0 vocab words

  • Te Kākano

    Te Pihinga

    This level develops language to describe objects, animals, people, sounds, illnesses, feelings, the weather, places, colours and the landscape. Giving directions, letter writing, travel, going to the beach, native birds, expressing feelings and computers are other themes.

    12 Chapters 82 exercises 0 vocab words

  • Te Kākano

    Te Māhuri

    This level further develops the language skills of students. Themes include whales, dolphins and whaling, food and cooking, traditional and modern games and sport, volcanic activity and earthquakes, farming and agriculture, health and fitness, problems, accidents and disasters, elections, traditional Māori musical instruments and the language itself.

    10 Chapters 40 exercises 0 vocab words

  • Te Kākano

    Te Kōhure

    This is an level broadens language skills through studies in such topics as the King Movement, language styles and dialects, haka and waiata, leadership, traditional and modern war as it relates to Māori, humour, accounts of the arrival of the Pākehā, study of celestial bodies, writing invitations, notices, eulogies, whakapapa, mana, religious beliefs and speeches.

    15 Chapters 66 exercises 0 vocab words


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